Wrap-Up: Webinars and More Interactive Notebook Goodness

Wow, last night’s webinar was AMAZING! I was floored to have over 400 of my teacher buddies register before hand and then to have over 150 logged on when we had our network outage. Thank heavens for a quick reset and we only lost 10 minutes! I appreciate all of you that not only supported me through the first webinar but also those of you who are watching the recordings and sending me emails and such. YOU ROCK!

All Things Interactive Notebook Webinar Recordings

Both parts of the All Things Interactive Notebooks Webinar form last night were recorded and can be found on YouTube. Simply click the images below, subscribe and watch until your hearts content!

Handouts for the webinar can be downloaded at your convenience and include a Certificate of Attendance for 2 hours of Professional Development.

To top it off, since I got flustered by the outage, I forgot to do a giveaway! So I’ve decided to do one here on my blog this weekend! You have a chance (well actually 2 chances) to win $25 in Credit to my store! Yeppers, you can grab whatever you want with that $25 so make sure you enter today!

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Don’t forget to also check out the new offer for One-On-One and Small Group Skype Sessions. Reduced rate ends June 30th!


  1. says

    Thanks for answering all our questions and sharing your experiences/expertise with interactive notebooks. I feel much more confident about starting them this coming year!

  2. says

    Last night was AWESOME!! I learned a lot and can not wait for school to start to implement it all.

    If I had to pick ONE item it would be: Pirate Geometry

  3. says

    Dudelette, Jennifer. I loved that. I wish it would have been video (I like putting names and faces together.) but it was really fun and informative. I can not wait to do more!

    Thanks for EVERYTHING you have done for me this past year… You helped me survive that 7th grade support class!

    Cheers girl!
    Lessons With Coffee 

    • says

      OOps I did not answer the question. If I could win any product it would be the 6th grade ISN math bundle: 6th Grade Interactive Notebook Bundle- All Standards- Aligned to Common Core.


  4. says

    This webinar was outstanding. I am so thankful for people like you who are willing to go above and beyond for not only yourself, but other teachers as well!

    I would love to have the middle grades solve and snip bundle!

  5. Evelyn Ball says

    I was unable to attend the webinar, but so happy that you recorded. My question – you mentioned technical reading strategies at the front load section; do you have a resource?

  6. Cyndi Thompson says

    Jennifer you are wonderful. I stayed until the tech problems but got caught up with the recording. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. I can’t wait to meet you in person in Ft. Worth. Will the 8th grade TEKS aligned in Math bundle be ready then? Thanks again.

  7. says

    Your webinar was awesome and I’m so glad that I was able to watch live! I will be checking out a section from the middle when my puppy had a potty accident and I missed about 10 minutes worth – thank goodness for the recordings! I own all of your seventh grade math notebook bundles and activities, but now I’m teaching 4th grade! Shopping time! :)

  8. says

    I believe you mentioned that you are going to be working on 4th grade Math and would love to wait for Interactive Notebook to come out.

  9. Donna Alexanderhave says

    Thank you for all the information you gave us last night. You answered my questions I had about interactive notebooks. I am going to use them this year in my math class. I would like everything you have produced. It would be hard to choose just one thing! Thank you again.

  10. Lisa Sardinha says

    Your Interactive Notebook (1st Grade) looks awesome!!! So many awesome activities. I love your décor pack too- Owlsome Décor. Very cute!

  11. Pamela Carrier says

    I’d love to get the foldables that you mentioned in the webinar and then I saw the comment above and will also be interested in a 4th grade math interactive notebook.

  12. Emily Starkey says

    Hate that something came up and missed last night but will be watching on YouTube, I’d like any of your interactive notebooking items for 3rd grade, they all look wonderful

  13. Cindy Winkler says

    Addition and Subtraction Word Problem Task Cards, I really want to work with task cards this year!

  14. Jody Erickson says

    Thank you so much for all the work and passion you put into your amazing webinar for us!! U Rock! I would love to get the Flippable Template Pack for Personal Use (PDF and Editable). Thanks so much for the giveaway, too…WOW!! :)

  15. Melanie Chambers says

    I look forward to using INB next year. Thank you for all of the information you share and the the webinar on interactive notebooks.

  16. says

    I would love the Flippable Template pack. :) THanks for show how to do templates in Powerpoint. That will help me in all sorts of ways. I never really thought about using Powerpoint for more than slide presentations.

  17. Dee Bibb says

    Last night’s webinar was fabulous!! Thanks so much for the info.

    If I win…I want to get the unflappable templates and some other things as well!

  18. Melissa Breig says

    Thank you for all the time you put into making my job easier, more effective, and fun! My students and I appreciate it!!

  19. Jenifer Eaves says

    I am going back to work this year after a year off with a new baby, and switching from 9th to 8th grade so I would love the 8th grade notebook bundle!

  20. Laurie Fleming says

    I bought the 7th grade interactive notebook bundle and I love it! I am always eager to see what else you have because your things are easy to use and appropriate for what I teach. I have been looking at the 6th Grade Common Core Math Homework Sheets Bundle to use at the beginning of school to remind my students what they learned the year before.

  21. Jessica Shive says

    Loved your webinar! The products in your site have been so helpful to me during my first year as a learning support teacher! Thanks so much!

  22. says

    You are amazing. I missed the webinar because of stuff going on with church this week. But will watch on YouTube. I would love to have the 7h grade notebook bundle on operations with rational numbers! Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  23. Morgan says

    Such a great webinar! Even as an elementary teacher i got a lot of helpful advice. I like having the notebook projected on the screen and having students make their notebook look like yours in the mad minutes.

  24. says

    Enjoyed the first half of the Webinar last night. Looking forward to watching the 2nd hour.

    The one item I want from your store: 6th Grade Interactive Notebook Bundle- All Standards- Aligned to Common Core. Why not? Just get a deal and knock it out.

  25. Mickie says

    I have several things on my TpT wish list, but the biggest is the 8th grade unit on systems of equations. I almost have the whole set of 8th grade units!

  26. Michelle says

    I can’t wait to view the videos as I intend to utilize INB when I go back into the classroom next year. I would love to win the Flippable Template Pack.

  27. erica says

    I’m so excited about this give away. I really want the middle school interactive notebook set!! Love your work!

  28. Wanda says

    I missed the webinar last night, but have started watching it on you tube. I would love the SPIRAL BOUND Flippable Template Pack from your store. I am a science teacher that is now teaching blocks of math and science, so I need lots of great resources and support!

  29. Dawn Broussard says

    Totally forgot about the webinar last night! I’m so happy I got to watch on youtube. Thanks for answering all those questions. It will make it easier to get started this year. I would love the Pirate Geometry since we also read Treasure Island in our fourth grade class. Thanks again for sharing your expertise with us!

  30. me35 says

    Thank you!! I’d love the data and graph pack – and I’m looking forward to catching up on the webinar this weekend!

  31. Amanda Beck says

    Thank you so much for that awesome webinar last night! It was great and I learned so much! I even purchased your template pack last night and have already started experimenting and planning! You rock!

  32. says

    Thanks for the webinar! Really enjoyed it.

    If I could win any product, it would be I can statements for 1st graders, or any of the task cards, as I’ve already purchased the fantastically awesome K – 2 INB bundle!!

  33. Amy Smith says

    I would love to grab anything about IN!! I can’t wait to jump into my 2nd year using them with tins of new ideas!!

  34. says

    Thanks so much for sharing the links to your webinar! I wasn’t able to watch it live, but I’m catching up on it now! If I could win a product (assuming the 4th grade interactive notebook sets aren’t ready yet), I’d love to have the decimal bundle. Looking forward to doing more with interactive notebooks next year!

  35. Jennifer says

    I dream of owning the middle school math bundle. Being that I teach exclusively 7th, I’m not sure how much I would use the 6th and 8th grade content… but I cannot get enough Interactive Notebook material!! :)

  36. says

    Great webinar on interactive notebooks. I can’t wait to get started with my kiddos. I would love to have the “Flippable Template Mega Pack – for Personal Use (PDF and Editable)”.

  37. Melissa says

    Very informative and helpful since I like the visual learning setting!
    I would purchase the Flippable Template Pack for Personal Use…soooooo many options and uses!!!

  38. Alison says

    I missed your webinar by 1 day!! Thanks for posting the videos! I found you through the 6th Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle on PTP! (would LOVE to have it!!)

  39. Jennifer says

    I could view the webinar last night but I will watch over summer break…last day of school was today! I love your store and I don’t know which I would like best but I am thinking the flippables bundle would be very very nice!

  40. Liz says

    I would love to win some of your task cards! It was so awesome to hear from you last night. It really helped me figure some things out. Thanks! :)

  41. Angie says

    I can’t wait to watch the Webinars! I am planning to use INBs in all of my core subjects next year and can use all of the help I can get.

    As far as what I would like to win, I really think your Quick Snips would be a good addition to my repertoire. Thanks!

  42. Misty says

    I would love the Middle School Math Interactive Notebook MEGA Bundle. :) I can use it to support prerequisite skills.

  43. Donna Brink says

    Thank you for the webinar. As a user of and believer in INB, your webinar gave me great hints on organization and content. I have especially struggled with left side pages. If I were to win, I would apply it to the one-hour skype, if possible. If not, I would check out your 7th/8th grade INB offerings.

  44. Karen Wainright says

    I’m sorry I missed the webinar live, but have already watched the video recordings. Awesome!! I will talking to some of my teacher friends and see if they want to go in together and do a Skype training. If not, I may do one by myself.

    As far as what I would like to win…I really don’t know because I already own so much of your stuff. I like anything that has to do with 8th grade math.

  45. Misty B says

    I loved the webinar. I am so excited to use the ISN in my resource classes this school year. I can’t wait to start working on my copy, as this will be my first go at it. :-)

    I bought the 7th grade bundle after the webinar. I would love to get the 6th grade bundle to teach pre-requisite skills and to review tough concepts needed to master the 7th grade content.

  46. Val V says

    All of your products look awesome. I would love to get the
    Language Arts Flippables for Interactive Notebooks.

  47. Conce T says

    I love your stuff. I think I saw you will be at CAMT, I can’t wait. I would like the flippable template.


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