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Preparing to Exhibit at TMSA2014!

Many of you know I have gone to several conferences and presented here and there but I have NEVER had the opportunity to be an exhibitor. When Michele Luck of Michele Luck’s Social Studies asked me to help her in my home state of Texas you better bet I was there!

You may wonder what we are doing as a part of being an exhibitor. Michele goes around and represents Teachers Pay Teachers to let other teachers know about the amazing resources that they can find out there. She opens it up for TpT authors to jump in and be a part of the group by sending in little goodies for teachers to help market their stores.

You can see from our first day of work, we were hard at work preparing goodie bags (you can see some in the background) containing roughly 20 different teachers materials. Talk about assembly line processes at it’s best!

TMSA Goodie Bags Prep

After about 3 hours of work on Tuesday we were able to completely stuff around 200 bags. It then took another 6 hours on Wednesday (I slept in a bit so I didn’t help the entire time) to complete the stuffing of 500 total bags, use a sticker to tape them down and then pack them up in the boxes. And VOILA we are done and ready to take them to the exhibit table for Thursday-Saturday!

TMSA Goodie Bags 2

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