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One Little Word 2014: Making Progress

Since January 2011 I have participated in the One Little Word project started by Ali Edwards. Ali began this project a few years prior as a way to focus and dedicate ones life for a year to see the world around you in a different perspective.

That first year my word was Simplify and boy did I do a lot of that during that year. Not only was there physical purging from my house but there was also emotional purging as well. Definitely a year that allowed me to realize that in life it really is the simple things that matter the most.


January 2012 came and my new word was Open. After moving to a new piece of land in the country during the prior year I was totally out of my natural element. I needed to be open to what was to come and allow myself to take it in one piece at a time. That year was a very challenging year for my little family but we made it through it and we moved right into 2013.

Last year it was really hard for me to choose a word that spoke to me because I was going through so much emotionally so I really didn’t settle on a word until mid to late January when Change became evident. Hubby and I had moved back to town, we still owned our property 75 miles away, I started a new job, hubby started a new job and we were back near my family and that was just in January. The year proved to be full of changes and now that I have just wrapped up 2013 I am not hesitant to say that it was probably the best year of our marriage so far. We truly  have embraced each change and been blessed beyond measure.


With all that being said, now it is time for a new word for 2014. As I sat down thinking about what my goals for 2014 were I kept thinking about hard word, determination, and the passion that I have right now and how i want it to continue. With that my word- Persistance– was born. Being persistent is more than being stubborn and bossy (although I do that well), but it is also about making sure things don’t fall through the cracks and staying on target with any project that I start. It’s so important as a business owner to keep the mojo going right along side the motivation but also just as important to take time for myself. 

I am hoping that the blessings from 2013 continue into 2014 so that I can continue to pass them on to others in a grander scale.

Have you thought of a word that might mean something to you that you want to guide you through this year? Feel free to share it with me as I love hearing from others and seeing what they have chose and why. If you have blogged about it, leave a link so that I can take a peek!

New Year, New Word, New Me…


2013 has so many amazing things in store that I can’t even begin to fathom all that is to come. As I have done for the past two years, I chose a word to encompass my life for the coming year and I think that the perfect word for this year is Transition. Simply defined, transition means “The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.”

What does that mean for me and my family? Well, as of right now I know that the transitions I will be facing are a new job and a new home.

Yes, you read that right. I will be starting a new job in the coming weeks and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I don’t want to share too much yet as I haven’t begun yet but I am over-the-moon excited about the transition into what I will be doing. I am still teaching, I am still working with Special Education students and I think that this job is right up my alley and will be an amazing fit for me.

Now when it comes to a new home, yes we will be moving back to the Dallas area. My new job is located out of North Dallas and we will need to be closer so that I can make the commute as needed. It won’t be daily and I honestly can’t wait to tell you more about it but want to wait until I have officially started. We have been looking for a new place for a few weeks now and hope to have one settled this week. Still waiting to see this one we have been stalking since Friday.

We are planning to keep our farm in East Texas and don’t know quite what will become of it. We are taking the two smallest dogs with us to Dallas (Sookie and Maddy- see below) and then will be finding new homes for Sheldon, Molly and the puppies. We rescued them to be a better home for them and know that it is now time to find a new home for them during this transition in our lives.

Sookie and Maddy

I am already feeling beyond blessed with what 2013 has in store for me and I couldn’t be happier.

Open- One Little Word

This month, I will admit that I haven’t been very open. I have been stuck in a cycle of doing something because it needs to be done and then it gets it off my list. Of course, like many, I can make excuses for this but that’s not the point for having a word to focus on for the year.

What can I change? I can listen. I can speak out. I can meditate more. All of this is possible now that school is out. I must find the flow that works for me so that I can be more beneficial to myself and my family.

How is your One Little Word going? What do you do during your pitfalls?

OLW May Update- Open

One of the definitions of open as defined by Merriam-Webster is, “completely free from concealment : exposed to general view or knowledge” and I feel that this past month I have embraced that more than in the past.

I have allowed others into my heart, my mind and my life. I have allowed things to go on around me without worrying as to the many what-ifs. I have just let things be.

Seeing myself grow over the course of the first four months of 2012 has definitely been eye-opening and allowed me to grow into the woman that I am today. I do feel that as I progress through the year I will see more changes as I allow what happens to morph into my life and being.

How has your word affected you this month? How do you feel things changing in your life?

OLW- March Wrap-Up

Wow, where has this month gone? March flew by without me truly realizing it. As I continue to let the word “open” guide me, I have noticed quite a few things this month.

– My heart was opened when we began to foster our chocolate lab Jake’s mom for a student of mine. She was pregnant and blessed us with three gorgeous CKC pups on March 18th. They will be ready for new homes in late April/early May.

– My mind has been opened to reading new (and more) books. We have been without cable and internet at home for four months and it’s been great.

-I have opened my heart and mind to listen to my body and what it needs. I have had to say “NO” to some things but also allowed myself to take time to focus on ME for at least the next month. When I stress, my body holds it in and the pain in my lower back is horrible. Hubs and I will continue my BBT and taking Clomid but also need to allow nature to take it’s course.

– I am opening our home beginning in May to share our space wih a friend of ours. We have no set plan for this but I am excited to have her back in Texas instead of Maine.

– And last is being open to change. I have decided to have a bit of structure on the blog. I already share Self Portrait 2012 updates near the end of the month and OLW wrap-ups on the first, but I thought to help myself I would set a schedule with specific types of posts. Now I still want flexibility so I am only setting this for 3 days a week.

Mon- Weekend Wrap-Up {Photo Dump}
Wed- Start to Finish
Fri- Feature Friday

I am going to commit for a month and see how it goes. You will also not see posts on Sunday’s unless it is OLW or Self Portrait 2012. I am taking this day as a blog break each week.

So how is your OLW 2012 holding up? How has your life changed because of your word?

Open Recap- February

Is it just me, or did February fly by for everyone else? Seriously feel that I just started the month and now it’s over. Now that I have completed two months of 2012 with my One Little Word, OPEN, I feel that I am totally embracing the word at times and at other times it is just part of my life.

Open to New Adventures:
– Hubby and I went to a new Hibachi for my birthday this month. Neither of us had been there, we solely based going on the reviews of others on Yelp and I will tell you it was FABULOUS! I can’t wait to scrapbook the pictures that we took that night.
-Still working strong on reading 12 books in 2012. I am currently almost finished with my second book, Deadly Night by Heather Graham and am loving it. Ready to get the rest of the trilogy so I can follow the story.

Open Mind:
– This month we doubled up on the Clomid per the doctor’s orders and had hopes that thing would work but alas they did not. We just finished another round of Clomid and go back to the doctor next week to possibly have a test run to make sure things are clear. Still TTC and learning to just be open to what comes.
– Started back to teaching on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Community College. This means that two nights a week I either have to pack my lunch or pick something up. I’m working hard on the staying healthy and therefore this salad from McDonald’s was right up my alley! So yummy!

Open Heart:
-So although we have had ups and downs this year with our furbabies, we think at this time that Sookie might possibly be pregnant. If it is so, the typical litter is 4 for a dachshund with a possibility of 8. We are hoping that two will be the right amount if she is. She is expected to deliver the first of April if she is pregnant so we shall see.

Open to What is to Come:
-Michael continues to work on the property as he is able but I even put in some work this month. I worked hard on the building we affectionately call the “Turkey Vulture Barn” and still have more to work on. We want to convert it into our tool/chemical shed where I will be able to keep all of my paint that hubby keeps buying me at work.

Self Portrait and Start to Finish: OLW

The first two weeks of February apparently were filled with purple wearing. I swear I didn’t plan to have both week’s self portraits of me wearing purple. Oh well! :)

February is always my favorite month. It’s a short month. I get to celebrate Valentine’s with my husband. My new college class started up at the community college so I’m teaching two nights a week again. It’s my BIRTHDAY! Just a great month.

Well, I’ve also been so busy creating scrapbook pages and loving every minute of it. As part of my 2012 year, I am participating in Ali Edward’s One Little Word. This year I really wanted to make it a part of my life and that is why I have been featuring it on my blog at the first of each month (January, February}. Well, as a part of that I wanted to create a layout to document what the word means to me and what I plan to do with it over the course of the year.

On the Kraft background of this layout, I got busy with my paints. I first painted a square and rectangle in brown. I didn’t like that so I painted over it in white and then did some white splatter as well. LOVED that!

Next was grabbing some random scraps from my stash to enhance the various parts of the layout. I used papers from Jillibean Soup {dots and plaid}, My Minds Eye {floral and damask}, Lily Bee Design {photo mat} and Echo Park {journaling spot}. I totally thought that these pictures of my new hair-do by one of my students demonstrated me being “open” to new things.

Check back on the first where I go over what all has happened in February to show how Open I have been. :)