What a Week…

Five for Friday

Wow, where has this week gone? Seems like it was just Saturday BUT I will say, I have been super busy.

Relaxing with the GIrls

Well, how can I say super busy when the girls have required me to take a nap twice this week. They seek my lap as soon as I put my laptop (or whatever I am working with) down and just tell me, “Mama, it’s nap time so let’s snuggle!” Yep, they are too cute.

Percent Proportions Flippable

I might be a bit excited about this flippable as I have a friend who I will be subbing for (more about that below) next Monday and she told me I have full reign to create the lesson. The students are learning about Setting Up Percent Proportions so we will be doing this flippable from the 6th Grade Common Core Bundle and then following it up with Percent Proportions Solve and Snip.

Planning Out my Month

I have been using my planner like crazy lately. I not only use it to keep track of things that are coming but but I also keep track of things that I do each day so when I am looking back to determine when I talked to someone, posted a product, worked on a new product last, etc. I can just easily tell. I will tell you this has TREMENDOUSLY helped me see where my time is going in my business. I am seeing that I do spend at least 4-5 hours a day working on products while we won’t even talk about how many hours I spend on Social Media connecting with you, my followers and friends.

Ipsy Glam Bag

One of my indulgences is getting an Ipsy Glam Bag each month. Ipsy is a subscription service that is $10 each month and comes with a small makeup bag filled with goodies. The goodies above were sent to me this month (everyone receives different items). I used the Lip Crayon by Bombshell today and LOVE it. 6 hours later and it is still on and moisturizing my lips!

**If you are interested in subscribing, feel free to click the picture to go through my referral code.**

Elementary Substitute Report FREEBIEToday was my first day subbing in my local district. I did happen to teach in this district for four years so it is totally like coming home, never mind that I also graduated from the district almost 15 years ago!

Well as a teacher I know how important it is to be able to come back to organized information from the substitute so I made a cute form that makes it easy for a sub to use (or even for you to leave for your sub to use) and it is in Editable form for FREE! Just click the pic above and you can download it. I have taken out my information so that if you are a sub you can put yours there. I will tell you the font that I used is KG Melondheadz and can be downloaded for FREE to use here!

Thanks once again to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this Five for Friday Linky Party! Off to go check out some fellow teachers and what all they have been doing this week.

Happy and Healthy at Home {Five for Friday Linky Party}

I know that I am not the only one who enjoyed the three-day weekend we just had. I always thought it would be great to have them regularly but seriously they seem to make the week DRAG on forever for some reason.

4mulaFun Office

Tuesday started bright and {somewhat} early with breakfast in my office as I was catching up on some emails, starting to work on my next unit and eating breakfast {muffin and coffee}.

Happy Mail

Wednesday was perked up by receiving some Happy Mail from a Bestie that I met through the online Teacher Blogosphere. She knows me to a T and sent me some FABULOUS owl goodies! I’ve already played with the pen a bit so that I could see the wings flap. The bookmarks are too precious and you can grab yours here (I have only been asked a million times).

Smart Husband

Every evening on the way home from work hubby asks me if I need anything. Well one afternoon this week I just needed something chocolate and I mentioned that cupcakes sounded good. I was totally joking and didn’t expect cupcakes. Well, not only did I get cupcakes but I also got what you see here. Oh my goodness is he ever a SmArT hubby! {And this will take me forever to go through so he is even smarter!}

Protein Smothie

See… there has been some healthy this week. I started back on my daily smoothies since I am back home for a bit. Last weekend I grabbed a new protein powder to try (Raw Fit – Link to Amazon for BEST price) at hubby’s suggestion. Let me tell you.. it is super hard to find something that is dairy free (allergy) and gluten free (choice because of the way gluten makes me feel) and that tastes good.

I did the full scoop for the first smoothie and it was very gritty to me. I could do it but it was just not as yummy as my prior smoothies using Trader Joe’s Organic Protein. Day 2 (and the smoothie shown above) was with 1/2 scoop of protein powder and definitely tasted so much better! I will continue with this route.

Happy Pupies

Funny thing how that anywhere I am working, the dogs want to be with me. Yesterday Sookie (in the back) snuck over to get to her pillow when Mollie (front) got up for some reason. Well Mollie didn’t much care about that and she just came back in and snuggled her way back in.

They seriously love having a spot in the bottom of my office closet for them to be lazy. And yes, those are pictures and personal artwork that need to be hung. We will only be in this rental for another four months so I am now at that point that it isn’t worth it to hang them up.


Thanks once again to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting the Five for Friday weekly linky and getting to share a bit of my week with others as well as jumping into a bit of their lives.

Sharks, Sickness, Puppies and Projects…

So what do they all have in common? Well, they were all a part of my week!

photo 1 (1)

First up, it’s SHARK WEEK! I never have really focused on watching Shark Week but it’s been nice this week to be able to watch it here and there and learn some new things. Gotta love how it’s trending on Facebook and Twitter and able to share with others!

photo 2

I started getting the unknown stomach bug on Saturday and oh my goodness was it horrid. I don’t wish stomach issues on anyone especially when you have way too much to do to stop and let yourself be sick. I’m getting better with the help of lots of sleep, Sprite, and Pepto. Laying on my stomach either on the floor or in bed was my “comfort zone.”


Earlier this week I forged through for my Monday Made It to show off my binder tabs that I created! I “may” have a tutorial coming for you soon related to these.

photo 4

My puppies (Maddy pictured) have been super lazy this week. Each of them are sleeping long and hard during the day, playing for hours in the afternoon/evening with intermittent naps and then sleeping hard at night. Is it the 100 degree temperature outside that is wearing them out? They are only out there for a max of 3-4 hours a day and not all at once.

photo 5

And last but not least, I have been working day and night on a HUGE project that I can’t wait to release the first stages of (hopefully this weekend if I can get samples made). It has, and will continue to be, my labor of love as it is something I am SO passionate about! Stay tuned for more details!


Thanks to Doodlebugs Teaching for letting me link up once again this week! Check out her blog to see what some other teachers have been up to this week!

Psst…. Any guesses on what #5 is? Take a guess (only the first one counts) and leave a comment. I will choose from all entries the day I upload it to either win it for free (up to $15 value- haven’t determined yet) or a $10 credit to my store if it’s not for your grade level.


Five For Friday: Tutoring, Wrap-Up and Progress

Five For Friday
It’s that time again! WOO HOO, another Friday has come my way and that makes me SO HAPPY!
 photo photo1_zps7533ecae.jpg
First up this week was an impromptu tutoring session with a former student. She was struggling with distributive property and needed some help to finish her homework. I hate that I am missing out on this group of kiddos as they move on to 8th grade but change had to happen. I love that they still contact me virtually daily!
 photo photo2_zpsc1efe9bd.jpg
Since we are wrapping up things at school (kids are out June 4th, I will be out June 14th), my schedule is looking kind of bare. The students had a benchmark week this week and some had retesting for the 8th Grade STAAR test. I do hope they did their best after our two weeks of remediation.
 photo photo3_zps4b53690f.jpg
Made sure to get a walk in with the girls as I was able to this week. Yep, one walk so far and then we had crazy weather and now I’ve just been lazy. We will get back out there because they LOVE going on walks!
 photo photo4_zps6e4acc05.jpg
My Amazon order including some new styles of Flair Pens came in this week and I am in LOVE! I grabbed theLiquid Flair and the Ultra Fine Flair and they are both awesome! I am leaning toward loving the Liquid Flair more because I love the funky prints on them and the way they write. So fun! {Feel free to click on the links as they will take you to Amazon to score your own fabulous pens!}
 photo photo5_zpse9cad60d.jpg
Began work this week on a big project that I am so excited about. Planning things in every spare moment I get and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together and turns out. Also, I blogged more about Interactive Notebooks over at All Things Upper Elementary and shared my newest FREEBIE!
So what was your week like?

Doggie Crack… That’s where it’s at!

A few weeks back Miss Math Dork shared a recipe with me for dog biscuits that her precious Mr. Dee had received for Valentine’s Day. I was up for trying it out and took some time to grab the ingredients that I didn’t have on hand at the store the week.


I will tell you, the first time I made them was a learning experience. I learned the tricks of the trade and adapted them for the future times that I have made Doggie Crack for my girls. {Yep, that’s what I call it!}

I have now made these for the girls several times and they are SO EASY! Now I wouldn’t share something like this without providing the recipe of course. I of course had to take some time and make it all cute.

Doggie Crack Recipe


Simply click on the recipe picture and you will be able to download it from Google Docs in PDF format for FREE.

Now, you can see two different kinds in the photo above. These were from my latest batch that I actually had leftover dough from the first time I made them. I can attest that the dough is fine to stay in the refrigerator for two weeks in a sealed baggie. I had the different colors in their own bag. I haven’t tried freezing but that’s next!

I always add food coloring to mine to make them look at bit cuter. The colors above are the Green and Purple from the McCormick pack of Neons and each took about 12 drops to get that color. Also, for the Purple Doggie Crack I decided to add in some Peanut Butter. I mixed in 3 Tbsp. of Peanut Butter with all the other wet ingredients and this is by far the family favorite!


Maddy {our miniature dachshund} can’t stand seeing the cookie and knowing that she would do anything to taste some Doggie Crack!



Sookie {our full-size (plus some) Piebald Dachshund} will just look at you with those sad eyes and just BEG for more Doggie Crack!

Well, I’m off to make this week’s batch. I plan to try freezing soon and will come back and update this post so that you will know how that worked out.

I would love to see or hear if you make them! Please let me know of any other items that you might add so I can use them in my next batch!

Start to Finish: Mama in Waiting

Last week I shared about a new focus I have had on using up some of my scraps to make them as useful as possible for me and create new layouts from loved paper.

The first layout that I created with my scraps was simply just playing around with various layers and lengths to create something that I liked.

I started with a base layer of paper from the Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic collection on the B side. I began playing with various scraps until I got to a pile that I liked together before I adhered anything down.

I inked the edges of all the papers with Wild Honey Distress Ink to give it a different color of pop. I then grabbed the Postage stamp by KaiserCraft and inked up a bit of it before lightly putting it on the background. I wanted it to show up but then I really liked the washed out look that I achieved with my faulty stamping. Next time I will prime my clear stamps.

Now it’s time to add some texture and resting places in the background. The Pink Paislee mask is just perfect for this.

Secured nicely in place with some Tissue Tape (could also use Painter’s tape if you didn’t want to use up Tissue Tape).

Using acrylic paint, I added the mask in places. It’s important to use a light touch and a stipple brush with a flat end to get good coverage. I also pulled some of my new washi tape from a washi share I was in and placed it on the sides to give extra added interest.

Grabbed my two photos for this project and I really couldn’t tell you what I cut them down to as I eyeballed what would look good on top of the pile. I then added some 1 1/2″ punched circles in a tone-on-tone polka dot as well as clusters of buttons tied with twine and a few other paper embellishments.

I thought the white paint was a bit stark so I went over the areas lightly with my Ink Blending Tool that I had used to apply the Wild Honey Distress Ink with earlier.

Still a bit undefined on the white parts so I added some pen work with my Copic Multiliner 01. Then went over in the corners with a bit of Silver Mister Huey. It doesn’t really sparkle in the picture as it was drying but there are little flecks I can see in person.

A bit more pen work was needed to tie things together. I also grabbed my American Crafts Remarks stickers that don’t stick worth a darn. Rather than fighting with them to remain sticky, I traced around the edges of the letters with the Copic Multiliner 01 and loved how it turned out. I had already put a pen mark under the one letter but I’m okay with how it looks.

And now that it is finished, I love it! You can see every paper that originally started in the pile, my scraps stash is down a bit and it makes me feel good to start working on the story of Sookie’s pregnancy.

I know I bounce all over in my scrapbooking as the other layouts I did this weekend were for the Wedding album, the Farm Life album and then just the 2012 album. I love the ability to do this in scrapbooking as my mind doesn’t work in a straight line and I have to jump around as my mind does.

Again, if you are interested in joining in on the Inspired by Shimelle Challenge (deadline is June 30th), feel free to share your links below!