Math in Real Life… On A Date

It’s the first Wednesday of April April which means it’s time for our monthly linky – Math IS Real Life!!  If you want to see how the linky works, or just want other real world math ideas, check out our Pinterest Board of all the posts so that you can look back and find some great ideas and REAL pictures to use in your classroom!  
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For the past several months I have been participating in MissMathDork’s Math In Real Life Linky Party. Sadly, last week I just wasn’t there with something to share. Yes, I use math ALL the time but I wanted to share something that was meaningful and I just couldn’t get motivated to write about one of the ways I use math daily.
photo 1 (1)
This weekend while I was away celebrating my 5th anniversary with the hubby down in Austin, I used math in a new way! Hubby taught me how to play darts. (I do apologize for the advertisement…. we were meeting a friend where she works.)
Dart Scoreboard
Not sure how many of you have played Cricket before. You have to shoot at the board and try to hit the areas from 15 to 20 or the Bullseye. When you have hit that area successfully three time you have closed out that number. If you are the first person to close out that number then you can start to score points. Once the other player has closed out that number then neither of you can score points for that area. That took me awhile to realize and hence the HUGE gap in points.
photo 2
Had to show off my best shot of the night… two 18′s and a 17.  Maybe next time I will have some better shots in me and I might be able to close the gap between the hubs and I.
And to top it off… I am trying to figure out how to use darts in the classroom. Any ideas?


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Currently in April

It’s been awhile since I have participated in the Currently Linky with Farley over at Oh’ Boy 4th Grade so I thought today would be a great one!


Listening- Yes, I am addicted and catching up on seasons past. Already have caught up on Pretty Little Liars during Spring Break.

Loving- This Friday the hubby and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We are headed out of town for the weekend and I’ve already set up my away message for my email while I’m gone! :)

Thinking- Yesterday I sat down with my April calendar and put deadlines for some products that I want to get out this month and completed. Also added in some times for getting all the goody bags together for the AAMLE conference the first week of May.

Wanting- Yes, I am always wanting a massage and hubs doesn’t do them very well. Guess I should make an appointment sometime soon.

Needing- Allergies are just the bane of my existence. Every morning I wake up with eyes that are caked together as if they have been taped shut with Duct Tape. Then of course they are watery beyond belief the rest of the day. My poor furbaby Sookie joins in the misery of allergies with me.

Hours and Last Day- I’m typically in my office to work from 9am to 6pm (when hubby gets home). I rarely take a day off but will sometimes fluctuate my schedule depending on what needs to be done personally. At least half of my day is spent answering emails, working on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and the like. Making sure my communication lines are open with you is the first goal I have everyday.

Speaking of that… I thought I would update you on the plans for this month so YOU can hold me accountable! Each of these dates are TARGETED deadlines!

April 3- 8th Grade Linear Functions to Proofreader

April 9- 6th Grade Numbers and Opposites to Proofreader

April 11- 7th Grade Probability to Proofreader

April 16- Samples for Linear Functions and Numbers and Opposites Complete

April 18- Probability Samples Complete

April 22- 8th Grade Linear Models and Tables to Proofreader

April 25- 6th Grade Equations and Inequalities to Proofreader

April 29- Samples for Linear Models Complete

April 30- Samples for Equations and Inequalities Complete

WHEW! That’s a lot and I totally hope that it can happen as well as all the other things that I have planned in this month.

Have you participated in the Currently Linky? Leave a comment as I would LOVE to come on over and check yours out as well. :)

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Testing Time Around Here!

Preparing for Testing

I’m not sure about the other states but I know that right now in Texas we are in full force testing time! In fact this week is the first round of testing for many different grades and subjects. GOOD LUCK to all of you!

For those of you who are still gearing up for your state testing to come I have been searching high and low for some great resources (4mulaFun approved) that you can use in your classroom to help your students prepare during final review time. And for my Texas friends, this is great for the time AFTER testing when you are still wanting to engage students and keep them preparing for the next grade level. Many of you still have final exams coming up.

4mula For Test Prep Pinterest Board

Click on over and check out the Pinterest board. I would love for you to follow along as well. If you have some great tips that you have blogged about or have seen, please leave a link in the comments below and I will check it out to add to the board!

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Using Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks

Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks


Are you looking for some new ideas on including diagrams and charts in your Interactive Notebooks? Today over at All Things Elementary I am sharing a new idea on including those necessary diagrams to facilitate student memory. Not only are they colorful and creative but they are complete and add to the depth of students knowledge by having it right there at their hands.

I would love for you to pop on over to my Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment on how you include diagrams in your Interactive Notebooks as well!

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Statistics Interactive Notebook Ideas

First of all, I have to say THANK YOU for the amazing statistics of those of you who have signed up for my new newsletter. Over 200 people have signed up in just 3 days and that astounds me! Sign ups are open at all times and I am adding the button in the side bar for anyone interested.

Newsletter Signup

Secondly, I would LOVE to see your Flippable creations! I am working on creating a gallery of ideas and would love to feature yours! Each of you work hard to create something great in your classroom

Now… without further ado… samples from the Statistics Interactive Notebook bundle for 6th grade…


There are a total of 7 different lesson in this unit that are PACKED with Interactive goodness! :)


The unit begins with a lesson on statistical questions and a sort where students can choose between questions being statistical or not statistical.

Statistical Questions Flippable and Sort

Introducing ways to display data is important as many of these are new to 6th graders. It is also important to take time in this section to go through the steps in creating a Box Plot. Let students highlight the words that are important to them!

Displaying Data with Graphs

This flippable is on of my first flippables I ever created but I still love it! Mean, Median, Mode and Range happens to be one of my favorite things to teach and what my students have always loved to learn.

Mean, Median, Mode and Range Flippable

Continuing after learning about creating Box Plots, students need to understand the difference in Upper Quartiles, Lower Quartiles and the Interquartile Range.

Measures of Variation Flippable

This is just a taste of the greatness that is found in this Interactive Notebook Pack for Statistics. While this unit is aligned for Common Core State Standards 6.SP.1, 6.SP.2, 6.SP.3 and 6.SP.4 it also aligns quite nicely with the new TEKS for 6th grade- 6.12a, 6.12b, 6.12c, 6.12d, 6.13a and 6.13b.

6th Grade Statistics Bundle

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Using Solve & Snips in Interactive Notebooks

Solve and Snips in Interactive Notebooks

Recently I was asked by some of my followers on ways to use my Solve and Snips as a review for the end of the year testing. They wanted to continue to use Interactive Notebooks so that their students would keep up with them and create an entire resource section for them.

So first, you will need to create a new section just for review. You can call this your “Show What You Know” section for your students. In this section students will be doing one concept every two pages and can totally work at their own pace. (I’ve created a simple cover for you that you can download for FREE!)

Using Solve and Snips in Interactive Notebooks

When I have used the Solve and Snips in the classroom with my students, I have shrunk them down to fit two per page. Why? This gives my students the ability to then have space around their sheet to show extra work as needed. Their first step is to go through and read each question to determine what is important.

Using Solve and Snips in Interactive Notebooks 2

Next up, it’s time to do some solving. I do not give them the pieces to self-check in the beginning when they are doing this for review. I do this because I want them to not be completely persuaded by the possible answer choices. Our state testing (STAAR) gives four answer choices and so many times if a student doesn’t have the correct answer they will just pick what is closest. This helps get them to build their perseverance and work through when an answer isn’t there.

Using Solve and Snips in Interactive Notebooks 3

At this point, students will show me their notebooks so I can see that they have done their work. Then it is time to get their answer bank to match up their answers and check themselves.

Using Solve and Snips in Interactive Notebooks 5

How can this pay off? If you go through and set up this section all in one span of time together with your students then they can truly take their review on their own pace. It is theirs! If they want to work on what is easiest for them first, then go for it. If they want to try and tackle the hard things first, go for it.

You as a teacher can facilitate in the classroom by monitoring and helping as needed. You could even choose one subject that you are going to help on each day and if any students need help in that area they can come to a small table with you and get a refresher mini-lesson as well as referring back to the important pages in their interactive notebooks.

How are you going to integrate Interactive Notebooks into review for your students as the year starts to wind down? Leave a comment below and let me help you!

Pssst…. You might want to come back tomorrow for a super big secret!

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