Book Study: Guided Math Chapter 2

Chapter 2

So happy to be here this week sharing some insights about the book Guided Math by Laney Sammons. I am taking the time to reach into using this in the upper elementary and middle school setting so please take time to read and feel free to leave a comment or two.

Chapter 2a

 As I was reading through the second chapter I really got into each of the Foundational Principals. Each of them struck a chord with me for different students that I have taught over the years. The two that really had me shaking my head were, “Learning at its best is a social process.” and “Learning mathematics is a constructive process.

When I was in school I remember a lot of the learning was “sit and get” and then process on your own. I know I was (and still am) a social creature and learned best by talking to others and processing my thinking. Our standards (TEKS in Texas) even state that students are supposed to

 (D) communicate mathematical ideas, reasoning, and their implications using multiple representations, including symbols, diagrams, graphs, and language as appropriate;

(E)  create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas;

(F)  analyze mathematical relationships to connect and communicate mathematical ideas; and

(G)  display, explain, and justify mathematical ideas and arguments using precise mathematical language in written or oral communication.

I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of SOCIALIZATION that we need students to have to be effective mathematicians.

The second principle of mathematics being a constructive process is supported by the experiences I have used in my classroom (and seen in many others) where students continue to build up on what they have learned and develop future skills. That foundation is so important as it constructs their understanding for future mathematics and I’ve discussed that a bit before in this blog series.

Chapter 2b

 Establishing a open-environment in my classroom took time and a lot of trial and error. There are days where it won’t be perfect but with procedures in place that are clearly communicated (there’s that word again) and modeled to students all should go well.

While instructing students and feeding on their “aha moments” by allowing them to share their insight is bringing their dialogue into the conversation about what is being learned while also developing that of others.

Knowing that students often develop other ways to solve a problem rather than the standard way, allow them to show that off. Let them be the teacher and demonstrate that to a group who might be struggling and need a different way (or just a different instructor).

Support students by allowing them to make mistakes and explore through the errors to deepen their understanding of the concepts. This was a big process for my classroom even in 7th and 8th grade math. Regular Post It, Prove Its and Exit Tickets allowed me to do this several times a week. I could allow students to think with their table mates, demonstrate their understanding on their own and then review that evening to see quickly who needed more help or who was ready to move on.

And because I love Exit Tickets so much, I want to make sure everyone has a chance to grab my Editable Exit Tickets! They are perfect for ANY classroom and offer a variety of styles ready for you to use for only $1.50!

Editable Exit Tickets

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Guided Math Book Study 2014

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Math In Real Life: Volume in Moving

It’s the first Wednesday of June which means it’s time for our monthly linky – Math IS Real Life!!  If you want to see how the linky works, or just want other real world math ideas, check out our Pinterest Board of all the posts so that you can look back and find some great ideas and REAL pictures to use in your classroom!

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   ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~You’ve probably already guessed how I have been using math in my life lately… yes, moving! From measuring spaces in the new home, creating layouts of where furniture will go and down to packing up my van and my husband’s truck to get the most out of each trip.

Boxes Everywhere

We have been packing boxes like nobody’s business for the 3 weeks. Every weekend we are over at the old house packing up more and more to make another trip (or four). Thankfully it’s down to basically the hubby’s office/man cave and our couch and recliner. Next time we are already saying we will hire movers AND packers!

Full Load in the Van

As you can see my van gets PACKED! I started wondering on about the umpteenth trip how many cubic feet my van was holding with all of the seats down. I drive a Dodge Caravan and love how it can easily fold all the seats into the floor for quick storage and allows me plenty of room.

I knew that the width of the interior was about 5 feet and the length was at least 7.5 feet based on fitting in two twin size box springs (for our king sized bed) and still having room for a few boxes, two dog kennels, three dogs… and a partridge in a pear tree. Hubby’s truck is roughly the same dimensions but has the unlimited height involved with being a truck. I verified online that my van has 143.8 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s a lot of space when most of the boxes I was packing held 1.5 cubic feet!

Then of course I had to test out the theory by playing Tetris with all of my boxes and see how many boxes I could CRAM into my cargo space and get over in one load. Let’s just say there were some loads that I probably shouldn’t have done since it blocked my blind spots and the view out the back of my van.

Amidst PackingAnd there is still random things here and there at the former house as you can see above. Seriously need to find a home for the TALL wrapping paper tubes. They don’t fit in the holder I got after Christmas.

Now I need to go and check out my friends blogs as I have heard some of them are talking about our amazing FitBit that we each have. I am in love with mine and maybe that will be another month’s MIRL and how I use it along with some other apps.


Monday Made It: First DIY of Summer

Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics is back for the summer and I am excited to be joining in when I can!

A few months back I was on the lookout for some cute printables that I could get printed on a canvas or an anniversary gift for my hubby (and kind of for myself as well). I found a super cute printable on the Sweet Blessings blog and happen to love that she uses my FAVORITE font artist ever as well.

I printed the JPG over at Arts Cow (LOVE) on an 11 x 14 canvas that came in and was PERFECT for what I wanted.

Love You to the Moon and Back

Now to just determine where to hang it up in the new house! And yes, I already have another order placed with ArtsCow for a printable for my bathroom that I created and will totally be showing that in another week of Monday Made It!

Monday Made It

Currently In June…

Not only has Farley posted the latest Currently but you might see something special over there….. yep, I’m the sponsor this month!

Currently in June and a Secret

Pretty self explanatory but I’m hoping to use this summer to make the new house come alive and make it not only liveable but pretty as well.

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Five for Friday: Unpacking Edition

As I posted on Wordless Wednesday, my week has been full of packing-moving-unpacking-packing some more-moving some more-etc.  Yes, it is a crazy cycle when you are doing it yourself, hubby is working full time and the houses are 58 miles apart with Dallas inbetween. :)


There has been quite a bit of unpacking this week as we reused a lot of the boxes over and over. This was the infamous FIRST BOX. At this point, I can’t even remember what it first had in it but it was more than likely something for my home office.


As with any new place there is always a little bit of shopping that needs to be done. I am still contemplating this chair from Garden Ridge that I posted about on Instagram. I think it would look lovely in my turquoise and black office.


Sometimes you just need to take some time to relax and that I have done each day with the dogs outside. Yes, I know the grass needs to be mowed but I need to find a guy to hire first. :)


I couldn’t get through sharing a week in my life without updating you on the babies. Here you can see I did a bit of spoiling this week and got them each a knuckle slice so they could be BUSY while I did some unpacking. Can you tell that each of them are in love? (Top to Bottom: Buddy- 4 months, Maddy- 2 years and Sookie- 3 years)


And then there is always time spent waiting. Yesterday I had to go into the Tax Office and get our registrations updated as well as renewed. When I walked in they were on 61… Thankfully it went quickly and all is well.

Five for Friday

Since I’ve been so intermittent the past two weeks, I decided I would do something fun. This weekend I have marked down 5 items in my store to $1 each for a total of 61% off! I know, I’m crazy!

4mulaFun Weekend Super Sale

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Wanted! Earn Store Credit from your Work!

Flippables Wanted

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How you ask?

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What do you get?

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Please feel free to leave a comment as I will answer each one for you. And make sure to check the comments if you have a question as it may already be answered.