STEM-ing Your Way Through the School Year

Need some help incorporating STEM into your classroom? Here’s a round up of several resources for multiple grade levels to get you started. Some resources are free, others are a little bit of an investment – add them to your classroom wish-list, Christmas is right around the corner! Want even more? Check out my STEM Pinterest board!

STEM Oreo Tower Engineering Challenge

Kids love playing with their food, they wont even realize they’re learning STEM with this Oreo Tower Engineering Challenge!

Using Pumpkins to Teach STEM

If you can find some clearance pumpkins right now, grab them and use them to teach! This post covers multiple ways to use pumpkins for teaching STEM in primary grades.

STEM Elementary Lesson

Turn your elementary students into engineers! This activity walks them through using columns to support structures and more!

STEM Decomposition of a Banana

This science lesson lasts several days – the decomposition cycle of a banana! Science lessons don’t get much cheaper than that…

STEM Number Sense

Start them young with number sense! This post covers many ways to help kindergardeners understand number sense with “peas and carrots”.

STEM Paper Flyers

STEM can definitely be fun, especially with these paper flyers! Both boys and girls will love this activity.

Spaghetti STEM Engineering Challenge

With a few simple items, your whole class will enjoy making spaghetti towers! An exercise in engineering that will bring out their critical thinking skills.

STEM Surface Tension Activity

It only takes a bit of paper and a tray of water to splash into this great activity with your students! Students will learn surface tension while having fun!

STEM Candy Canes

Take advantage of candy canes being plentiful this time of year, and use them to incorporate STEM into your classroom! This activity teaches many concepts – especially that solids can change into other forms!

Here’s some more resources to add to your classroom wish-list for Santa!

Totally hooked on STEM now? Keep your eyes peeled – later this week I’ll have a special offer for you that you’re not going to want to miss!

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STEM Activities


Science clipart from Robogirl Illustrates.

What I’m Working On: November 16th -22nd

Can’t believe that it has been so long since I’ve blogged. I guess being gone for a WEEK on the trip too and from Ohio really did take it out of me. I will definitely be blogging about that this week!

This week brings about the last conference of 2014 for me to attend and exhibit. This one is a bit out of my subject area but I am sure it will be a blast! Heck, I even get to spend some time with some great TpT buddies like The Science Penguin, Bond with James and Teaching in the Fast Lane!


Black Friday Arrives Early!

Math Teachers of TpT CD Bundle Vol. 2 is here!

That’s right, there’s a second volume – quantities even more limited than the first!

Eleven great Math Teachers of TpT have teamed up once again to bring you Volume 2 of math resources for 3rd through 9th grades at a deep discount. Grab over $125 worth of product for only $25 plus shipping! That’s 80% off! What’s the catch? Quantities are even more limited this time, and the sale ends on Sunday!  Buy a copy for yourself and three of your closest teacher friends, they’ll make great gifts for the holidays!

Math Teachers of TPT Discount Bundle

Gobble, Gobble Roundup of Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Educational Activities

November’s here, and before we know it – Thanksgiving and holiday shopping! Like last month’s Halloween educational activities roundup, I decided to do another one with Thanksgiving. These resources are a mix of subject areas and grade levels, but you’re bound to find something that will fill a lesson plan hole for you!

Thanksgiving Word Problems- Solve and Snip- Common Core & TEKS

I have revamped my Thanksgiving themed pack of Solve & Snip word problems for 6th and 7th grades!

Seasonal Word Problem Collection: Thanksgiving Grade 3-5

Need word problems for lower grades? This pack has 3rd through 5th covered.

Pilgrim Feast At School
Feast like a Pilgrim with your students! Kinder Kapers shared how she cooks a pilgrim feast with her students, even grinding their own cranberries!

CIMG1923 CIMG1901

In this resource, students get excited by creating an edible turkey treat that goes along with their writing assignment.


“Thankful” writing activities might seem overdone, but this free resource helps strengthen writing skills and it’s a hit with families!

20 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Need more variety? Check out this list of 20 free Thanksgiving writing prompts, sure to get all the kids creative juices flowing!

Here’s a great video of several Thanksgiving math resources for K through 5th!

Learning to Estimate

Teach how to estimate with “turkey” feathers in a jar!


Here’s a huge collection of Native American resources – activities, worksheets, and games!

Don’t have time to check everything out right now? Just pin this image to save all these resources for later.

Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Activities

Currently in November…

It’s been awhile since I have linked up with Farley for Currently and I figured it was time that I did so once again!

November Currently

If you couldn’t tell it has been a super busy time where I am preparing for the upcoming Ohio Council for Teachers of Mathematics conference and my house shows it! Yep, I need a maid that will do the laundry, put it away and clean my main rooms in my house. I have this phobia of a maid cleaning my personal bedroom. That’s my space.

number talks

And I started reading the Number Talks book by Sherry Parrish. I am LOVING all the great information that Sherry teaches about using Number Talks in grades K-5th grade. I’m taking a TON of notes on how this can also be used in middle school because I believe this is an important skill. You definitely might want to check this out. It is an easy read and really moves quickly.

Solve and Snip Sale

And for those of you reading this today, Sunday, November 2nd…. I’ve got a SPECIAL DEAL for you! Buy any 2 Solve and Snips and get your 3rd Solve and Snip for FREE! All you have to do is email me your TpT username that you purchased them under today and let me know which Solve and Snip you would like!

New Month with New Ideas!


Where has the time gone? October went by so fast and now it’s already November. I can’t believe that the last few weeks that I have had at home (no travel for training) have gone so fast and now It’s November and I am headed back out a few times this month.


Besides working hard on getting more of the Interactive Notebook bundles for 3rd-5th grade math up in the store I’ve also been working with my translator to get out more Spanish resources. She is up to date on all of the Solve and Snips (which are also available as a bundle) but has started to work on my Interactive Notebooks to cover all of my Bilingual and ESL classrooms teacher followers.

Next week I’m headed of to the land of Ohio (never been before) and I can’t wait to meet more teachers who love learning new ideas, techniques and strategies to help their students. I will be presenting a session on Engaging Students and Raising Achievement with Interactive Notebooks and I’m so excited! I’ve changed up a few things for this session from how I’ve taught it in the past and I”m really hoping that the teachers who come learn a lot.

Any ideas for things that we must do on our trip from Texas to Ohio? We are leaving on Monday and driving through Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky before hitting Ohio. The 18 hour drive might be the death of me but here is to hoping that it all works out for the best!

(Photo Credit: Rachel Smith Yzaguirre- my sister who owns RoboGirl Illustrates and is currently honeymooning in Germany)