Who said Middle School isn’t Fun?

Truly, whoever said that Middle School wasn’t fun? When I was in school, I would definitely say that Middle School were some of my favorite years. I loathed High School so we just won’t go there.

Well, this past week while on Twitter, several teachers got to discussing the benefits of sharing things that we do in our classroom that help make Middle School fun!

This week’s topic is First Day of School. I’ve done different things every year but below is what I hope will provide me some good information on the first day.

When my students walk in, I will have them grab a copy of my syllabus. I’m still working on this but will have it posted on Monday for #made4math as that gives me a deadline to get it DONE! I will also have them grab 4 stars (different colors for each class).

After all students are in, I will do a brief intro of myself and a run-down of the syllabus. I will then give them time to give me some feedback for the year.

This all started because I saw the poster above while browsing blogs one day. I totally want to know what my students want/expect from me. I will create a similar poster and leave out different colored markers for them to write on the poster with. Since I have 7 classes, I might need a really big poster! LOL!

Then, I will have 4 other INTERACTIVE posters that will have leading questions on them. Questions I have thought of are: What grade do you want to earn in this class? What part of math is the hardest for you? Will you be responsible this year? Will you turn in all assignments on time?

The great thing about giving them a colored star to answer the question in the column they choose is that it is completely anonymous. What they don’t know yet is that the questions are more detailed on the online Student Survey I have them fill out for me in a Google Doc form.

So, what do you do in the first few days of school to start the year off with a success?


  1. says

    I love the idea of the charts and stars. I agree with you about middle school being fun. People have such a misconception of middle school being this evil scary place that will corrupt their precious children. Once they experience it themselves parents and students realize that our middle school is awesome with kind and caring teachers. I don’t know why MS gets such a bad rap.

  2. Maura says

    I think it is given a bad rap because a lot of teachers just don’t want to put up with the middle school energy and wackiness. I loved teaching this age…and then my district moved me to the high school…(I did find 9th graders pretty similar). So, one of the things I have done before at the beginning is to have them draw a cartoon of themselves that includes what they like…it helps me get to know them. I also do a career activity in my science class that they answer a lot of random questions that puts them into groups and they look at possible career choices they are interested in. Tis helps me when opportunities come up for activities or camps, conferences, etc.

  3. says

    I’m digging the posters with anonymous responses. I’ve INVESTED a lot into Dollar Tree stickers this year, so I’m looking for reasons to use them. Good stuff


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