More Math Stations That Work!


Work Stations That Work

This week I just wanted to post about some amazing work stations that I had once again in my class! I’m thinking this might become a weekly post to share the greatness that is out there!

First up, my kiddos played with Hooting Rounding Decimals Dominoes by Bayside Teacher. I split this up into two different activities as it comes with two different levels. One group was rounding to the whole number while another group was rounding to the tenths place! After giving a detailed lesson on how to play dominoes (kids these days) we had the hang of it and were on a roll!

Next up was the Decimal Dominoes Game that I created where students match the word-form and standard form of decimals through hundredths. This was definitely a quick play for them but it was necessary review for some as well.

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Our next activity was “Frank”-ly Number Patterns. I still have some kiddos practicing with skip counting. I created this game with three levels and we started with the basic level where it is number patterns with multiples of that number rule. This one caused some thinking because I did the number patterns where they were adding and subtracting both patterns. Definitely some higher level thinking going on!

Click the picture to be taken to my TpT store to purchase for $4.50!

Every one of these games was well loved and were great for the skills that my Resource Math (7th and 8th Grade) were working on. Today some of my 7th graders helped me come up with themes for some upcoming games that they are excited about. It’s always great when they buy into them weeks before they even play them! Gotta love that!

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  1. Becky Charlton says

    I use the free tarsia puzzle download to make math puzzles and dominoes. The students love moving to each center to solve them.

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