Missing Me Yet?

Only been gone since Monday and already missing my blog peeps! New Orleans has been amazing so far and I’m still here for two more days!!!

Last night, after a day of sight-seeing and such we went to Emeril’s for dinner. Fabulous food and great show as we sat at the Chef’s Station and watched as everything was prepared. Definitely a must do!


Today started the SDE Reading, Writing, Math and More Conference and I was set up for Teachers of TpT with roughly 30 teachers! Our booth is looking awesome and what is even crazier… We ran out of 400 goody bags on DAY 1! HOLY HECK!

Teachers of TpT Booth

And then on top of all that, I got to meet up with Ciera Harris (Adventures of Room 129), Brenda Frady (Primary Inspired), and Amanda Nickerson (One Extra Degree). Loving see other sellers enjoy themselves as well as educate others about Teachers Pay Teachers.

TpT Peeps

Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!


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