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#made4math- Interactive Notebook Video Update

This week for #Made4Math I decided to update you on our Interactive Notebooks. I have become a sole believer in using Interactive Notebooks and am so motivated to keep creating amazing products for my classroom.

If you are interested in any of the items that I have used in my Interactive Notebook, check out my TpT Store where you can pick up anything and everything!


So what are you working on in your Interactive Notebooks? Have you not started an Interactive Notebook? What would help you get over that hump and start one with your class today?


  1. Janie says

    Is there a 7th grade ELA teacher who uses IN? I hope you know of someone especially if I can see terrific videos like yours.

  2. Jennifer Veron says

    HI! I am a 6th grade math and science teacher. I just started INB’s this year! It is all new to me and all so wonderful. I just love love love your ideas. Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspirational video of your INB. I am so inspired. Plus – I am purchasing many items from TPT. I am a science teacher by nature and your items help me so much with math ideas.

    Lots of love to you!
    You have wonderful inspiring ideas!


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