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#Made4Math- Last Minute Creations

This past week, I have been more swamped than ever when it comes to back to school. I am happy to report that my To Do List has definitely started to get smaller and hopefully will continue as the week progresses.

Of course during all the work last week, I had to create some fun things for my classroom and am ready to share those with you today! :)

First up is a “Be A Hero” poster that you can print for free. I heard part of this quote last week during convocation and then changed things a bit to something I felt would hit home. I would love to hear from you if you print this and hang it up in your classroom. :)

Then, last week while I was tweeting about, I read that someone had a poster that they had made that says, “Stop, Collaborate and Listen”. Well, as a child of the 90’s, I couldn’t not have this in my classroom for during Collaborative Work time. I set out to create it as well! You can grab this in my TpT store, print it out and hang it in your classroom as well!

School starts tomorrow! I still have a bunch to do but I think I am ready for the first day. Well, I haven’t picked out my first day outfit yet and we know how important that is. AHHH! Later this week, I will give you the final look around my classroom. I took pictures on Thursday but finished some stuff up on Friday and want to get a few new pictures.

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