It’s Already October?

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? I have been using all of my spare moments working on things for my classroom that I truly didn’t realize that it was already October! Where have I been?

Like I said, it has been a crazy busy time and I’m working hard daily to stay ahead in the planning for my classes. Teaching mixed ability levels in the two resource classes with up to 23 objectives going at a time has me going every which way. Then there are my 7th Grade Math classes that I love! This is the first year of middle school for our 7th graders and therefore the adjustment is always fun with different teachers each class period.

This week we are reviewing basic equations and jumping into multiply and dividing fractions. For review of basic equations, I used the same wheel method that @mathequalslove used and did 8 equations with them. One of my classes needed to me to walk them through 75% of them, the second class did 1/2 on their own and the last class just wanted one example and we were able to move around and let other students create equations.

To extend equations a bit further, today I had them choose an equation from their wheel and write a word problem that represented that equation on an index card. As you can see the equation went at the top, then the word problem on the lines. They showed their work on the back. I will never forget one student who said, “I finally get what you mean when the number next to the variable can’t be combined with the other number.” I guess my example of apples and bananas wasn’t enough for him. Tires and cars worked for him. LOL!

As we go into multiplying and dividing fractions, we are taking some time to work with models in our INBs.

Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to purchase a bundle with both flippables!

Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to purchase a bundle with both flippables.

I really think that although it may be “notes” that the students will enjoy exploring with models as well as having examples in their notes.

I do have some fun projects planned to extend their learning for next week! Can’t wait to share those with you later this week! :)

And I will choose one lucky person who leaves a comment by Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at 11:59 pm CST to receive the bundle of both flippables for free! :) So get to commenting and tell others!


  1. Amy_Teaches says

    I love the foldables for equations! I’m starting equations with 7 and 8 this week … going to start with algebra tiles and then move into foldables! Yours are super cool – thanks for the pictures – they are fun, fun, fun! Maybe I can get my blog-self back in gear and post about how it goes … :-) Have a stellar week!

    • Jennifer says

      You are so very welcome! I am glad to see that others are enjoying them. My students comment daily about how it is helping them because they have a resource to go and look at. I would love to see your blog when you post, please link me!


  2. Kathleen says

    I’ve started INB with my 6th graders this year, and it has been so much fun! I love your ideas. Thanks for the template for the foldable for F/D/P. My Inclusion group will love the steps typed out for them. Loving your site!

    • Jennifer says

      I love hearing that another inclusion group is using this. We are moving from Resource to Inclusion next year and I am very worried about how our students will transition. They have been in Resource for so long (this is my first year teaching them) and they are going to be put into a co-teaching environment. I’m hoping that the tools they get this year from me will help them in the long run.

      Would love to see things that your students have done in their INBs.


  3. says

    I am a mom of three, and a learning coach for my son who is a virtual student of sarasota Virtual Acadamy, and through K-12. He is in 8th grade, and we are building our Math and Science Journals as a way for him to not only learn visually but interactively. The jounal flippables you make help him see how to do better in his Pre Algra class. You are a great resource for parents and children in our type of setting, thanks

    • Jennifer says


      Wow, I have to tell you that this comment warms my heart. Since I began with my student-teaching what seems like forever ago, it has always been my mission to help others learn to use their available resources. Interactive Notebooks have allowed me to do that with my middle school students and they keep up with them because they realize the value.

      I have a HUGE bundle coming soon with templates for 29+ Flippables and am constantly uploading more that I use to my TpT shop. I would love to see pictures of how your son uses them.

      Thank you again so much!