Friday Fab 5 for August 17th

Wow, another week has gone by? Where did the summer go? I start back for Professional Development on Tuesday of next week and still have so much I want to get done to feel “ready” for the school year. {Don’t we all!}

So for the website I want to feature this week, it’s actually a new blog that I am religiously reading! Sarah over at Everybody Is a Genius has so many great ideas for her classroom. Not only that, but she just has a way with her writing and it’s like I’m listening to her speak. This means so much to me when I am reading a blog. I don’t want to think I’m reading a textbook, I want it to feel more like a journal.

Sarah has been doing Interactive Notebooks for awhile and has some GREATNESS that she has used in her classroom that I can’t wait to use in mine as well.

I’m loving this cute Library Card Note Pad over on Etsy right now and I think once I use up the one that I am currently using, it might just make it’s way into my hands t be the next one! :) I know it’s nerdy but that’s how I roll!

I saw this on Pinterest this week and thought this would be something so cute for us once we get our cabin built up on the farm. We will have Garland, Austin, Dallas, Crandall and now Eustace to add to our list. So fun to see the changes over the years.

I found this layout by Emily Spahn awhile back and think it is just precious. I think I might just make something like this to show some of my weight progression over the course of the past 18 months. The first won’t be a Instagram shot but I can fake it!

And the thing that I found for my classroom this week (and that is now on my To-Do List) is this activity called “Math About Me” by Jay Auerfeld. I am totally thinking that my 7th and 8th graders can rock this out as their first project. Trying to think of what all to add to my “Math About Me” to share with them. I might even give it as 1st day homework and give them one week to complete it! How is that for a mean teacher? {Hey, they will get Labor Day weekend to procrastinate over it!}

So, what are you favorites this week?


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    Wow! I am so honored that you picked my little library card notebook as one of your Friday Fabs! I gave them out as back to school goodies for my husband’s co-workers last year and they all loved them. So glad that you do too. Thanks for the shout out.

    Campfire Designs

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    I’ve been away for the past couple days and just read this! Thank you so much for the kind words. I think it’s so crazy that people are reading because I really thought no one would ever read it and it was going to just be my own personal journal of sorts. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying :)

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