Here, There, Everywhere… well Arkansas!


While I know many of you are within the throws of standardized testing, Spring Fever and truly just ready for a sanity break I have been busy working on new material and some revamping of some older material that I know you will be excited for when they are released this summer.

Today I will be heading to Little Rock, Arkansas for the Arkansas Association of Middle Level Educators. This conference for middle school teachers is on Monday and Tuesday and will defintiely be excited to see these teachers again after speaking there last summer as well.

After this conference I am happy to say that I have a dedicated time before the round of summer conferences and will be working like mad on products! Not only will I be updating some products that have been there for awhile (I know you will enjoy the updates) but I also have some great new ones coming your way.

What are you looking for to use next year? Any specific things you want more of? I’m starting my list and checking it twice!

Black Friday Arrives Early!

Math Teachers of TpT CD Bundle Vol. 2 is here!

That’s right, there’s a second volume – quantities even more limited than the first!

Eleven great Math Teachers of TpT have teamed up once again to bring you Volume 2 of math resources for 3rd through 9th grades at a deep discount. Grab over $125 worth of product for only $25 plus shipping! That’s 80% off! What’s the catch? Quantities are even more limited this time, and the sale ends on Sunday!  Buy a copy for yourself and three of your closest teacher friends, they’ll make great gifts for the holidays!

Math Teachers of TPT Discount Bundle

Alignment to 2014-2015 Math TEKS

Not a day goes by where I am not asked about my Interactive Notebook resources being aligned to the NEW 2014-2015 Math Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). I am here to give you some GOOD news!

Aligning to Common Core and More

I originally had contemplated creating all new bundles that were separate from those that I have currently in my store that were originally created to be aligned to the Common Core. I can tell you that they alone took me the better part of a school year to create and I didn’t want to not have these units ready for you to start the school year since I have been a bit busy this Summer.

After some serious thought (and basically a light bulb at CAMT), I have decided to ADD TO the current units and bundles that I have available. What does that mean for you? If you have purchased, or planned to purchase, the Interactive Notebook units and bundles you will receive all of the additional content as well!

I have already gone through from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade and aligned the new 2014-2015 TEKS to Common Core so I see the overlap as well as the NEEDS to be addressed areas. This task alone was a daunting one and a compatibility chart might be coming to a store near you soon!

What is the timeline for this adventure?


Kindergarten, First and Second Grade are pretty well covered and will probably be the last that I look at adding to over the course of this school year.


Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade are being created in tandem. That means that as I am creating them RIGHT NOW they are being aligned to both TEKS and Common Core to benefit you! Predicted dates for coming units are listed in the description of the bundle.


Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade will be added to significantly over the course of the year as there are quite a wide variety of additional items that will need to be added. As these items are added the units and overall bundle will increase in price so it is best to purchase it now before the price increases.


Algebra 1 is also being created to be aligned to both the NEW TEKS as well as Common Core Standards for Coordinate Algebra. Predicted dates for coming units are listed in the description of the bundle.

What does all of this mean for you?

A WHOLE LOT of new products coming your way for the 2014-2015 school year!

Back to School Blow Out Sale at EduCents!


 I am so excited to announce that is having a HUGE back-to-school blowout sale and I am going to be featured in one of the curriculum bundles! From July 30 – August 2 (Wednesday – Saturday), they are bringing back all of their favorite and most popular bundles for INSTANT download at up to 77% OFF! There is something for everyone and it is their BIGGEST sale of the year!Take a peek into what is on sale! Tell your friends, because there is something for everyone who teaches children in Pre K – 8th grade!

Preschool Full-Year Curriculum Bundle – 72% OFF


Kindergarten Full-Year Curriculum Bundle – 75% OFF


K-2 The Write Stuff ELA Bundle – 68% OFF


First Grade Literacy Bundle – 74% OFF


School Year Curriculum Bundle (Grades 2-3) – 74% OFF


Poetry Curriculum & Activities Bundle (Grades 2-6) – 75% OFF


Tricky Math Curriculum Bundle (Grades 3-5) – 69% OFF


Complete Full-Year Curriculum Bundle (Grades 6-8) – 77% OFF

6-8 Grade Bundle
**This one has 2 of my bundles in it! My Data and Graphs Bundle as well as my Probability Bundle which alone are a $17 value!

Management, Decor & Organization Bundle – 76% OFF


Don’t Miss It!

Ready for Some Change

ready for change

This time of year always brings about the feeling of change for me. Since I am not going to be decorating a classroom for the second year now I decided to do some “change” around with my logos and my blog! Logos and banners are already showing here on Facebook as well as on Teachers Pay Teachers so the only thing left is my blog! The reveal will be up and running tomorrow for all to see!

educents b2s

Also, are you looking to score BIG during Back to School time? Sign up today to be notified of the deals over on EduCents as soon as they happen! You WON’T want to miss out on this!

Monday Made It and More: Update, CAMT, and Interactive Notebook Expectations

Have you been wondering where I have been? The past two weeks have been quite up an down around here and I have been trying to recover. Sadly that didn’t involve the computer.

While I was in Las Vegas I ended up coming home two days early with severe abdominal pain. Turned out I had a 2.5 mm kidney stone that was STUCK in a tube that was only 1mm wide. Umm, we had a problem and it was causing severe PAIN!


Needless to say within the following week I was resting and trying to make it through the pain each day before I could have my surgery the following Friday. Surgery was quick and simple but seeing as it was a Friday I didn’t have much time to recoup.


Saturday, my bloggy buddy Jamie came in town as she was helping me for the Conference for the Advancement of Math Teachers (CAMT) in town and boy was I glad she was there! Jamie made the conference not only go so much smoother but allowed me to take breaks as needed!

CAMT Presentation

While I was at CAMT I also presented two sessions on Engaging Students with Interactive Notebooks. Each of my sessions were packed with almost 200 teachers from all over Texas and I am so thankful that each of them were there and participated with me. Also want to send a shout out to The Markerboard People who provided me with dry erase boards to use in my sessions. More about them coming up soon!

StentAfter being home from the conference and spending two days trying to recoup from surgery (still had a stent in) it was time to go into the doctor and get things all checked out and removed. That happened on Friday and then I also decided that this weekend was time to rest.

I apologize for not getting to emails, Facebook messages, etc. during this time but I have really been trying to recover and be able to get back to full force soon.

While I was recovering I did get a request about my brochure that I hand out to my students each year so they know the expectations for interactive notebook expectations in the classroom.

Interactive Notebook Brochure

You can find this tri-fold brochure in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to use in your classroom. It is FULLY EDITABLE and you can use text boxes in Power Point to pre-type information in before handing it out to your students. Another way to use it is to have students take notes while you are going over each section. Only you will know your students and which way will work best.

I also suggest that you have extra copies on hand for Open House or Meet the Teacher Night. Parents are always wanting extra copies of this handout as it gives them quite a bit of information on how your classroom will run.

Monday Made It

Loving the ability to link up once again to Tara’s Monday Made It. Off to go and check out what other people have been making this week!

Missing Me Yet?

Only been gone since Monday and already missing my blog peeps! New Orleans has been amazing so far and I’m still here for two more days!!!

Last night, after a day of sight-seeing and such we went to Emeril’s for dinner. Fabulous food and great show as we sat at the Chef’s Station and watched as everything was prepared. Definitely a must do!


Today started the SDE Reading, Writing, Math and More Conference and I was set up for Teachers of TpT with roughly 30 teachers! Our booth is looking awesome and what is even crazier… We ran out of 400 goody bags on DAY 1! HOLY HECK!

Teachers of TpT Booth

And then on top of all that, I got to meet up with Ciera Harris (Adventures of Room 129), Brenda Frady (Primary Inspired), and Amanda Nickerson (One Extra Degree). Loving see other sellers enjoy themselves as well as educate others about Teachers Pay Teachers.

TpT Peeps

Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!