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Born into a family of two loving parents, the oldest of three children, Jennifer Smith-Sloane grew up loving school. She remembers learning the basics in English and Spanish in Kindergarten, loving everything about school in First Grade, learning to tell time to the minute in Second Grade by watching the clock hand go all the way around on a big wall clock in the classroom, staying in from recess with two other students in Fourth Grade as they practiced for UIL Mental Math, falling out of my chair in Fifth Grade and students remembering it forever… and so much more.

Despite the ups and downs throughout middle school and high school, Jennifer has always had a passion for teaching. She didn’t let the mistakes of others hinder that part of her life. She knew what she was brought into this world for and her husband reminds her of that on a regular basis as he sees her interact with students and children.

Jennifer Smith-Sloane has been an educator for ten years with experience in elementary, middle school and college. Math has been her passion since a young age which no doubt resulted in her secondary math-teaching career. Currently Jennifer is a Differentiated Curriculum Designer and Presenter traveling the nation to train teachers on the effectiveness of Interactive Notebooks and Differentiation in the classroom. When she is not traveling and training she lives in Arlington, TX with her husband Michael and their three furbabies.

Jennifer opened her online store on Teachers Pay Teachers in the fall of 2011 without any plans for it becoming what it is today. As of June 2014 she has over 280 items available to teachers from all grade levels. This passion of Jennifer’s keeps her up at night working in her office as well as constantly creating new ideas.

As well as traveling to train and present at conferences, Jennifer has begun to also provide one-on-one and small group training via Skype. As she continues to want to reach more teachers this avenue is something that is developing and gains continued support from teachers.

“With each passing minute comes the chance to dream, create and inspire.”

Jennifer Smith-Sloane

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4621 S. Cooper St. Ste. #131-705 Arlington, TX 76017