#msSunFun- Homework Policy

This week we are all chatting about our classroom homework policy. With the district that I am in right now, the grading policy is very straight forward so when it ends up coming down to how I do my homework, I do what is easiest for me but still provides my students with practice.

For our district, homework is given to apply the knowledge they have gained from previously taught objectives. It is counted as a daily grade if taken for a grade. Our grading scale for secondary is simply 50% daily grades and 50% test grades. I do take the liberty of putting quizzes on either of the scales depending on how important I think it is. We are required to have 7 daily and 3 test grades per 6 week recording period.

Our district has cracked down on late work and therefore if an assignment isn’t turned in on the day it is due, a student has 2 days after that to turn the assignment in for a maximum of 70% of the original grade. After the two days, a zero remains in the gradebook and can not be made up.

To help me keep up with things this year when it comes to students turning things in on time, I give homework on the first day of the week on a skill we completed the prior week. That homework is due by the end of the week. If they do not have it in class on the last day of the week, they fill out a “See What Had Happened Was” slip and turn that into the tray at the end of the period.

When I gather homework from the tray and put it in my folder to grade, I can easily pull out the slips and then contact parents as needed.

I do contact parents after the first card. I remind them of our district wide policy and let them know the date that the student must have their assignment in by to receive credit. I will say that last week I only had to contact one parent out of 146 students. I thought that was pretty amazing for the first week of school.

I keep the sheet until the assignment is turned in and then I staple it to the assignment so I have that reminder when I am grading it that they are only to get 70% of the original grade.

When it comes to a second time of filling out a SWHHW in a six weeks, I notify parents once again. This is where the documentation is key. If the student turned it in within the 2 day window the first time and does so this time, I stop there. If they received a 0 the previous time, than this time they will receive a detention. Since homework is due once a week I am hoping to not have to get to this step much this year as this has been adjusted since last year for me.

Off to go and read what everyone else does for their homework policy. And because I love you, if you leave a comment on this post by Monday at 11:59 pm CDT, you will get the file sent directly to you via email! :)