From Hot Mess to Clean & Neat!

So this afternoon, after our morning of staff development and then some time socializing at a fabulous house of one of our middle school students, we were able to work in our classrooms. It was great to see the new Principal and Asst. Principal grilling up a storm for us after they had already made breakfast! {What’s that saying, “The Best way to a Teacher’s Heart is through their stomach?!?”}

Not knocking the rain at all, we seriously need it here in Texas! Brought the temperature down quite a bit and it can stay there for all that I care. :)

So back to the classroom. The other day I shared with you a 360 degree view of my classroom. Total hot mess! I was freaking out after I left on Saturday because there was still so much to do! I was still going through the prior retired teachers resources that she left from her 35 years of teaching and I now I believe that I have earned the name of the “Queen of Recycling” due to how much I have recycled and thrown away! CRAY CRAY I tell you!

Do you see that rolling cart full of stuff? And then the piles on the floor? Seriously a hot mess. {You can click the picture to see it larger.} I couldn’t do anything with all of that stuff (and the two other boxes on the other side of the room) until I went through all the stuff that was currently on the one bookcase built into my classroom. All of that wasn’t mine and had to be looked through before I could get organized. So today was the day to sit down and do just that!

So after 2 1/2 hours worth of work, and another 2 full boxes and 2 HUGE trash-cans full of trash {as well as recycling over 30 binders to my secretary}, it is finally CLEAN and NEAT! I am so proud of what I accomplished and was even able to hang my lover new poster of Sheldon up on the wall next to my future Bazinga! board.

I’m seriously stoked that I was able to get this done. I did not feel that I could get on with “decorating” my room until the stuff that needed to be put away was taken care of. WHEW!

I also was able to finish filling my table tubs to start the year. I used these same tubs last year {well 5 green ones} but this year needed six tables so I went and got three of the teal ones to match my room. I have included all of what you see in the picture above and will include a pencil sharpener once I have acquired 6 of them to fill my buckets. Last year, all but 1 of mine bit the dust over the course of the year so I have to get new ones.

Should I add anything else? I was thinking 2 things of clear tape once our budget opens and I can get that as well. I DO NOT keep rulers at the desks for those times when a kid wants to spin it around on their pencil and just my fear is that it will fly across the room and poke someone’s eye out. Yes, I know, I’m paranoid but it could totally happen!

Okay, enough grabbing for today. I need to get out of here and spend some time with the hubby! Tomorrow is another busy day!