Vegas Bound for a week!

Another week, another destination it seems this summer. As I’m writing this blog post I’m flying over Utah from Salt Lake to Vegas and I’m beyond excited! Why? Ts week I will be exhibiting at the SDE Differentiated Instruction (and I Teach Kinder and I Teach First) as well as presenting at the FIRST EVER Teachers Pay Teachers Conference.
While exhibiting and presenting are second nature for me, I am most excited about meeting my blogging besties and fellow Teachers Pay Teachers sellers. There are over 700 of us attending the Teachers Pay Teachers conference and roughly 5,000 expected for the SDE Conferencea! Holy heck that is some serious people meeting!
Wednesday night is our BIG Teacher Blogger Meetup so definitely be watching on Instagram and Facebook  for posts with the #bloggermeetup14 to check out all of the pictures. I just hope I am able to meet everyone and don’t miss some of my peeps!
Friday is the TpT conference and I don’t even know what to expect. I am attending some sessions (can’t remember which right now) and then I am presenting about creating Sensational Secondary Resources and that really excites me because it is what I love!
And an unknown secret, because you have read this far, this week I am marking my store on SALE for 15% off! Yep, I love y’all and want you to have time to work with the resources before the school year stats and I know for many of you that time is precious! The sale will be Tuesday  through Friday so make sure you grab what you need because this I’ll be my last sale for awhile.
And yes, I’m still on the flight from Salt Lake and I’ve been listening to this 4 year old scream bloody murder two rows in front of me since I boarded and we still have 32 minutes to go! Peace be with me and thank goodness for headphones!
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Book Study: Guided Math Chapter 6

Chapter 6

This week’s chapter is about building up your Guided Math time using a workshop approach. In my classroom I did a lot of workstations with my students to build on concepts that I had covered in our lessons. I can say from personal experience that having a Math Workshop time is important at any grade level.

Chapter 6a

Taking time to figure out your organization before you implement Math Workstations is important. For me it was all about keeping things SIMPLE and also consistent. I wanted my students to be aware of what they were looking for each and every time we went into workstations so having them in the same type of organized manner was important.

Task Card Storage

Boxes like these were what made my life so much easier to work with. I grabbed these from Garden Ridge but you can also find them on Amazon. I didn’t get them in the container like is shown but I can see the benefit of doing it either way.

I’ve rounded up some other teachers who have written about their organization styles and you can check out their links below.

Jeanette Cordova (Pinterest Board)

Down Under Teacher (Blog Post)

Dandelions and Dragonflies (Blog Post)

When looking around don’t be scared off by a teacher that teaches a different grade and what tips they have to offer. You have to find something that works for you and that you will keep up with.

Chapter 6b

Implementing Math Workstations in your classroom can help not only promote student achievement but also can keep students on track with their learning. By dividing a skill or concept into more manageable activities for students to focus on then they can demonstrate mastery but also move through the different stages of learning and levels of thinking.

Workstations are also an easy way to differentiate for your students. Differentiation is more than just modifying or accommodating for your Special Education students but also adapting for those that learn in different methods. Granted we all must assess in the same manner but allowing students to learn based on what works best from them will help them in the long run.

Looking to get your workstations started off right? Join in on this weeks giveaway for some great items including a $25 Credit to MY Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Top 4 Interactive Notebook Tips and Tricks Posts by 4mulaFun

Tips and Trick for Interactive Notebooks

Every day I get emails and comments asking me about Tips and Tricks to get started on Interactive Notebooks. After looking through some of my past posts I decided to pull the TOP 4 Interactive Notebook Tips and Tricks Posts that I have written over the past two years.

All About Interactive Notebooks- This is actually a PAGE within my blog that contains a lot of the links to blog posts, videos and more for you to check out. I have updated it a bit as well to include some of the more recent things that I have done and plan to keep updating it.

Left Side versus Right Side- This post is a highly popular post as I talk about why I chose to FLIP the standard Left Side/Right Side in my interactive notebooks. I know that not everyone does it this way but it sure makes sense to me!

All About INBs Webinar- While the webinar was only a few weeks ago, the views have been through the roof! I’m seriously so happy with all that I was able to fit into 2 hours for you and can’t wait until the next webinar!

Setting Up Routines with INBs- Creating routines while using Interactive Notebooks is part of what makes things run smoothly in any classroom. This includes not only your schedules for your class periods but also how the flow is set up for materials and supplies. Definitely worth a read before you begin your school year.

What tips and tricks have you started to use in your classroom that have helped you to incorporate Interactive Notebooks?


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Currently… in July!

I can’t believe another month has already passed and we are here again to catch up on what is Currently going on in everyone’s lives. Thanks again to Farley of Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for continuing to do this Linky Party each and every month.

Currently in July

Listening: Yes, it is a guilty pleasure that I DVR Little Women in LA. I totally love the hilarity of it and it keeps me feeling sane!

Loving: This summer I am SOOOO busy that this week of being at home in between conferences is definitely needed. Last week in NOLA was great and I am sure that next week in Vegas will be just as amazing but being in my own home is definitely needed as well. Not to mention I do miss the hubby and furbabies when I am away.

Thinking: Yes, I am SO excited to get to go to my FIRST EVER New Kids on the Block concert while I am in Vegas. I might have bought a cute little outfit just for the concert this weekend.

Wanting: Yes, the piles are never-ending and they don’t seem to get done when I am gone.

Needing: We have been in the new home for about a month now and I have been so swamped with conferences and what not that I only get to work on unpacking and settling in as I am able. We are focusing on getting the living room and kitchen done so that they will be presentable for company.

4th of July Plans: More of the reason that the living room and kitchen need to get done is that my family is coming over on the 4th and we are cooking out. This is a big deal because we haven’t ever invited our family over in the 5 1/2 years we have been married. I was hanging pictures like mad this weekend and making the house pretty. Heck, I even bough a new vacuum!

Off to check out what all of my other teacher blogger friends are up to and catch up with them!

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Missing Me Yet?

Only been gone since Monday and already missing my blog peeps! New Orleans has been amazing so far and I’m still here for two more days!!!

Last night, after a day of sight-seeing and such we went to Emeril’s for dinner. Fabulous food and great show as we sat at the Chef’s Station and watched as everything was prepared. Definitely a must do!


Today started the SDE Reading, Writing, Math and More Conference and I was set up for Teachers of TpT with roughly 30 teachers! Our booth is looking awesome and what is even crazier… We ran out of 400 goody bags on DAY 1! HOLY HECK!

Teachers of TpT Booth

And then on top of all that, I got to meet up with Ciera Harris (Adventures of Room 129), Brenda Frady (Primary Inspired), and Amanda Nickerson (One Extra Degree). Loving see other sellers enjoy themselves as well as educate others about Teachers Pay Teachers.

TpT Peeps

Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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Monday Made It: Making a Mess

Monday Made It

This week is brought to you by the letter M. M for MESS!

You know how when you procrastinate long enough on something and then you always seem to want to add just one more project to make it “perfect”. Well that is how I am when I am preparing for my conference exhibits. Yep, just that one last project is going to make it the best. HA!


Webinar Aftermath

Thursday night I made a HUGE mess during my webinar. This was the aftermath of my desk but we had a blast and I can’t wait to do another one SOON!

mmi 2

photo 3 (3)

Next up, I decided that one last project would just take a few moments. Umm, did I forget that I had to print all 40 pages (with two pages per page), trim, laminate, cut out, hole punch and bind? And that was for EACH of the three grade levels!

I gave up after I had done two of them and the third is a mock-up with all of the sample photos. My printer sure got it’s workout this weekend and it is STILL going strong with ink!

mmi 3

photo 2 (3)

Child Labor Laws were thrown out the window this weekend as Jonna The Great helped me bag up the goodies for the SDE Reading, Writing, Math and More Conference in New Orleans.

photo 4 (2)

And it wouldn’t be a party without bags and boxes EVERYWHERE! But here I sit at 2:30 am writing this post (yep…) and I am done with all 400 bags!

Leaving tomorrow for New Orleans for a fabulous week. Can’t wait to meet some other TpT Sellers and spend some time with my dad who is joining me. He is a fellow teacher and we love teacher talk.

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Wrap-Up: Webinars and More Interactive Notebook Goodness

Wow, last night’s webinar was AMAZING! I was floored to have over 400 of my teacher buddies register before hand and then to have over 150 logged on when we had our network outage. Thank heavens for a quick reset and we only lost 10 minutes! I appreciate all of you that not only supported me through the first webinar but also those of you who are watching the recordings and sending me emails and such. YOU ROCK!

All Things Interactive Notebook Webinar Recordings

Both parts of the All Things Interactive Notebooks Webinar form last night were recorded and can be found on YouTube. Simply click the images below, subscribe and watch until your hearts content!

Handouts for the webinar can be downloaded at your convenience and include a Certificate of Attendance for 2 hours of Professional Development.

To top it off, since I got flustered by the outage, I forgot to do a giveaway! So I’ve decided to do one here on my blog this weekend! You have a chance (well actually 2 chances) to win $25 in Credit to my store! Yeppers, you can grab whatever you want with that $25 so make sure you enter today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget to also check out the new offer for One-On-One and Small Group Skype Sessions. Reduced rate ends June 30th!

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