Thematic Interactive Word Books

Boo Word Book Thematic Interactive Learning ToolI’m crazy excited to share my newest product series with you – Thematic Interactive Word Books! The first one – “Boo” – is just in time for Halloween next week.

In the classroom we’re always looking for new ways to engage our students. One way that you can engage students is doing small projects that are different from the norm. Using Word Books in the classroom to implement a new concept or review a skill is perfect for that. These books work for any subject – not just math.

Ideas for other subject areas include:
– Onomatopoeia and sound devices
– Thematic research project, such as the history of Halloween or ghosts
– Book reports
– Acrostic poems
– and much more!

Boo Word Book – Thematic Interactive Learning ToolIncluded in this pack are:
– BOO Word Book files in PNG format, vectored format (for cutting on digital cutting machines) and in PDF format
– BOO Interactive Word Book Sample and guidelines
– BOO Interactive Word Book Flippables (pre-created math ones that I used as well as horizontal and vertical blank ones to be used in your classroom)
– Editable Flippables to easily create your own flippables for your content area

Grab the pack now and use it this week so you don’t lose any valuable teaching time to Halloween – the kids will have so much fun with this concept that they wont realize they’re learning!

Boo Word Book – Thematic Interactive Learning Tool

Printing on Post-Its? Yes, You Can!

Recently when I was giving a workshop in San Antonio I mentioned about printing on Post Its and how they can be so useful inside and outside of the classroom. I shocked a few teachers so I thought I might as well go ahead and share this favorite with all of you as well.

Printing With Post Its

To print on Post Its you will only need a few materials:

1. A printer- I use a HP LaserJet P1606dn for all of my black and white printing.

2. Post It Notes- I used the ones I had on hand but I LOVE the Cabinet Packs for in the classroom!

3. Copy Paper

4. Fun fonts- You know I have a LOVE for Kimberly Geswein fonts.

First things first you will need to print out a template on copy paper for your Post It Notes to go on. I used the 3×3 template from Sugar Doodle. This will open up in Microsoft Word on your computer. Once this was printed it created a place for me to place my Post It Notes.

Post Its on Template

Once you have placed your Post Its on your template you are ready to start customizing your Post Its prior to printing. I decided to go with something really simple and have some cute and easy To Do Lists. I am notorious for making LONG lists and not getting them all done before I re-write them. This way it allows me to focus on just four things at a time and get them done!

Post It To Do Lists

The fonts that I used (from top to bottom) are KG Say Something, KG Shake it Off Chunky and KG Melonheadz. The hearts to act as places to check off items are from KG Shake it Off Outline. All of these fonts can be downloaded free for personal use.

Simple as that and ready to use!

Are you looking for templates for Post Its of other sizes? Check out these links:

7 Templates from Second Grade Shoppe

Custom Post It Notes Printable from Clementine Creative

Custom To Do Lists from 4mulaFun (the ones I created above)

WIWO: October 19-25th


You’ve guessed it… I have been hit with a stomach bug that has had me down and out for a few days. That means no work has been done and I’ve been trying to not feel like the walking dead.

My goals from last week’s WIWO post are moving ahead to this week (well the first two) because I wasn’t able to work enough in my office to complete them.

Here’s to hoping this week brings health.

Why are Non-Examples Important in Education?

Why are Non-Examples Important?

Every year when I begin using Frayer Models for vocabulary I have to teach what non-examples are to my students. Students are used to working in a world of creating examples and rationales behind their learning but not defining what their learning isn’t.

What is a Non-Example?

A Non-Example is simply helps define a new term in it’s entirety using the characteristics that are given and determine what the term is not.

Let’s take the word proportional…

Proportion Frayer Model

Based on the definition and characteristics given by my students it is very easy to see that to create something that is proportional both sides must be equivalent. As you can see in creating a non-example the students created a proportion that did not become equal when cross-multiplied.

Starting lessons with examples and non-examples helps to build a foundation and clear up concepts before you get too deep into the learning. When students don’t start with a foundation of what a term or concept is they can continue to focus on that term and miss out on other key material. For my teaching this was a critical comprehension step for many of my students.

While speaking with some other teachers about using Non-Examples in their classrooms I received some great opinions.


As you can see from these teachers, as well as my experiences, using non-examples is something that we need to do in our classrooms. Non-examples don’t always have to be done in the form of a vocabulary definition. Another way to use them is through a concept sort or Venn diagram. What is one thing? What is another thing? Why is it that way? Get students talking about why they think something can be classified in one area and why not in another.

Function Sort
Non-Function Sort

How do you use non-examples in your classroom? Do you struggle with student’s understanding of what something isn’t? Let’s discuss in the comments.

And, if you are looking for further ways to use Examples and Non-Examples in your classroom, check out the Examples and Non-Examples post over at It’s Academic Tutoring Center’s blog as they give some great insight on how using these techniques can help the foundations of learning.

Success in Secondary October Linky Party

Success in Secondary Linky Party

How is your school year going? Are you working through the first semester and realizing you have already made it over half way through? Are you on fall break? Looking forward to the Thanksgiving holidays?

Well wherever you are in your semester I hope that you take time to share in some of the fun below and view or download some of the great items that teachers are linking up. If you are ever looking for something, leave a comment and I will put a word out to my teachers to link it up JUST FOR YOU!

Now, for the rules of the linky party. This month I’m going to keep it at 1:1 meaning that for every FREE item you post you can post a PAID item. You MUST post the FREE item first and make sure it says FREE in the title. FREE can also be a blog post full of great content and simply put BLOG in the beginning.

Ex: FREE Owl-Some Order of Operations

BLOG: What Really is an Interactive Notebook

PAID: Algebra 1 Exponents Interactive Notebook

So link up below! And don’t forget to pin this post so others can find it as well! We would love for you to join our Success in Secondary Pinterest Board as well.

A Pinterest Board geared for Grades 6th-12th; contains all subjects

A Pinterest Board geared for Grades 6th-12th; contains all subjects